John, root canals, crowns, implant Cathy Christine, bone graft, tooth implant Diane, capped four front teeth David Sarah, porcelain veneer

"I have been a patient since David opened his practice. I find him gentle, with a good bedside personality. You can talk to him, and he answers your questions. He keeps you at ease."

"Dr. Kaplan's philosophy is that dental work should not hurt. I fall asleep when he is working on me, because I know he's not going to hurt me. I find him very calming and comforting. The staff is friendly, and they just take care of my insurance. I have been a happy patient since 1984."

"Dr. Kaplan diagnosed that my jaw and headache pain came from teeth grinding. He has replaced my smaller silver fillings with white, and larger cavities with implants. He has also worked on my receding gums."

"Dr. Kaplan is always very conscientious of my pain level and always immediately stops work if I am feeling any discomfort. He is a perfectionist, and wants to do any dental work just right, which I appreciate. He is very soft-spoken and has a gentle demeanor. Although I have had a history of having anxiety attacks at the dentist’s office, I’ve never had that problem with Dr. Kaplan."

'His support staffers are extremely nice, thorough, and helpful as well. I like the hygienist, I’ve never had a problem with billing, and I always get a reminder for my appointments. The receptionists even gave me flowers after some of my more complicated dental work! How sweet is that?"

"I've been going to Dr. Kaplan since I moved into the area 10 years ago, based on a recommendation from a co-worker.'

"Dr. Kaplan has been wonderful. He has helped improve my smile, and the general well being of my dental health. He is very patient, and takes the time to explain the procedures and process in plain English. What impressed me most was receiving a phone call at home from Dr. Kaplan to see if I had any discomfort after having major dental work. The whole experience at the office is always very pleasant because the staff is just as nice and accommodating whenever dealing with insurance or scheduling."
"I've been going to Dr. Kaplan since he started his practice. He is very competent. I trust him. He is a very good dentist."

"All the staff is great; I've had everyone clean my teeth. Diane at the front desk is the hostess with the mostest. All are very comforting."
"I started to see Dr. Kaplan at least 25 years ago when I had a porcelain veneer on my front tooth that still looks perfect all these years later. I am very happy, very pleased."

"I love to go to the dentist because I love to see the ladies, to chat and to catch up. I now drive an hour and 15 minutes and won't change until Dr. Kaplan retires."


Welcome!  Please take a look around my site to get comfortable. It is my belief that everyone should understand the treatment they are undertaking, and the real world results that can be obtained.  We have a library of 8,000 pictures, taken in our office, to show how to make a winning smile.

I’d like to thank all my patients for referring their family, co-workers and friends over the years and who gave their permission to use their photographs so others can understand dentistry better.